Joinour team.

Do you LOVE working with dogs? Do you have strong organizational and time management skills?  If yes, we’re hiring!

McCann’s Canine Care is run by Audrey McCann, a loving, professional animal caretaker specializing in dog boarding and weekday dog play care in beautiful Pescadero.  Our mission is to ensure the safety, happiness, and general well-being of each dog in our care.  I am looking for a reliable and energetic Pack Leader who is a careful and responsible driver, loves being outdoors, enjoys being physically active and loves dogs.  McCann’s Canine Care Pack Leaders are held to a high standard of professionalism and excellence.

This position involves running play care daily at McCann’s Canine Care.  This includes checking in dogs who are dropped off, monitoring play care while the dogs are in the fenced-in pasture and ensuring they have water and are cared for during their time at McCann’s Canine Care.  Additional duties may include some cleaning, individual dog walks and lifting pets and pet supplies up to 50 pounds.  Candidates with previous dog care or dog walking experience is preferred.

A standard background check and driving record check are part of the application process.  A standard background check includes  past employment verification and criminal history.  Our focus is on employment verification and criminal history only.  A standard driving record check includes your driver’s license status and expiration date, any violations or convictions.  We are not concerned with speeding tickets unless you have a high amount of speeding tickets or speeding that includes endangerment.  Copies of your background check and driving record will be disclosed to you and an opportunity to discuss the findings may be provided during the interview process.

McCann’s Canine Care provides a safe environment for our dogs in their homes, in our transport and at McCann’s Canine Care and these checks are part of ensuring that safety for us, for the dogs and for you.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Check dogs in and out of McCann's Canine Care following our processes and procedures
  • Proper transport of dogs from McCann's Canine Care facility to on property play care pasture and back at the start and end of play care
  • Ensure all dogs are safe and monitored with access to water and shelter as needed during their time at McCann's Canine Care
  • Manage dog behaviors and/or issues appropriately during the day and provide an end of day report on any incidents
  • Follow all McCann’s Canine Care safety protocols, processes and procedures for dogs during check-in, walks, socialization and check out
  • Track hours accurately each day and provide a weekly accounting of hours for payroll

Work Hours and Availability

  • Mondays
  • Wednesdays
  • Thursdays
  • Fridays
  • 9:45 AM to 5:30 PM, with a half hour break daily
  • Maximum 28 hours per week

Who We're Looking For

  • You should reside on the coast side of the San Francisco Bay Peninsula within reasonable driving distance of Pescadero.
  • You should own a smartphone for calls and scheduling, and have demonstrated time management skills.
  • You must be punctual and dependable – our clients and dogs depend on us!
  • You should love working outdoors and be willing to work in all weather conditions, including heat, wind, and rain.
  • This job requires you to be reasonably fit and healthy.
  • Experience with dogs - dog walking, vet tech, shelter volunteer, etc. - preferred.

How to apply

Click the button below to download the required application.  Then, complete the application and sign it.  Email your application and your resume to   Be sure to provide information on your dog walking and/or dog care experience with details.  References are required.  Once your application and resume has been reviewed, an interview may be scheduled and background checks initiated.